Shifting into a new phase.

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That moment when shit gets real.

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Hahaha wut.

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Aug 25
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Rear strut bar time!!!

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Mar 18
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Beach chillin’ with the homie.

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Feb 18
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My buddy’s RSX from earlier today.

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Feb 18
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Some more pics of Christie.

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Aug 20
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All of this was unexpected. The only exception is the one photo of my car. Capturing all of these other amazing vehicles was through pure happenstance,

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Jul 08
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Some photo’s I took of the ECHM this weekend. It was pretty awesome. Except my car gave me trouble before heading out, and then I got there and got a flat tire. So it was quite the adventure hahaha but overall it was super fuckin’ rad! If you were out there (or wanted to be) then I hope you see this and reblog the fuck outta it!!!


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May 08
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Local autocross event this past Sunday, a lotta great cars were out there!

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May 04
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May 04
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Night out with the homies. Fun shit.

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Apr 21
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CRX Work

So a short while back (like a week or so) I hit this ridiculous bump and my exhaust came loose…and then it just came apart from the cat to the connecting pipe. Annoying as shit, the flange & bolts were gone, and the damn car was loud as balls. Anyways, got that stuff fixed up today, and also made the C-Rex lower.

Big shout out to for the help!

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Mar 26
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My boy’s EG Hatch.

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